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2.1 Variables & Assignment

var a, b

Variable names are defined using the var keyword. Several variables can be named in a single statement.
var a = 2

Optionally, an initial value can be provided. It is not an error to reuse an existing variable name. It will create a new variable that shadows (hides) the previous one.
If no value was specified when declaring the variable, undefined is used as the default.
b = 3
The = assignment operator is used to change the value of a variable.
c = 5
Beware! If a variable name hadn't been previously defined with var, a new global variable is created by the assignment. It is a common cause for bugs.
c += 1
The +=, -=, *=, /= and %= modifying assignment operators allows for easy updates. A few others also exist, which we'll see later.
The ++ and -- operators increment or decrement a numeric variable and return its value. If placed after the variable, the previous value is returned (instead of the updated one).

The console allows you to interact with the course material and examples. Use the following keys:

A special logging function is also available:

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