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2.8 Bitwise Operations

(0x01 | 0x03).toString(2)
The | (OR), & (AND), ^ (XOR) and ~ (NOT) bitwise operators uses a 32 bit integer representation of a number. Using toString(2) allows printing the result in binary.
(0x01 & 0x03).toString(2)
(0x01 ^ 0x03).toString(2)
When using binary negation in particular, care must be taken to avoid conversions to and from the normal 64 bit floating-point representation of numbers, since this will often result in a negative number instead of the expected bit sequence.
(0xFFFF >> 4).toString(16)
The << (left shift), >> (signed right shift) and >>> (unsigned right shift) operators allow moving the bits a number of steps in either direction.
var a = 1; a <<= 2; print(a);

The bitwise operators are also available as assignment operators: |=, &=, ^=, <<=, >>= and >>>=.

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