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4.1 Plain Objects

var obj = { a: 'value', b: 123, c: null }

Object instances are basically ordered sets of named values (properties). See 1.2 Object Types for some common built-in object types.
["a", "b", "c"]
Property names can be listed with the built-in Object.keys() function. See also 2.6 Loops & Iteration for iteration over object properties.
Property access is an O(1) (constant time) operation, making any object a candidate lookup table. See 2.2 Property Access for details.
function toString() {
    [native code]
All objects also have some built-in non-enumerable properties, such as toString, valueOf and hasOwnProperty. These typically contain functions that operate on the object, also known as methods. See the Object instance properties for a compete list.
"[object Object]"
The built-in toString() method works for all objects. But the default implementation isn't all that exciting.
{ a: 1 } === { a: 1 }
Also worth noting is that object instances are never equal unless it is actually the same instance.

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