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4.3 This

[object Window]
The this keyword provides access to the current object context. In the outermost scope, it points to the window object in web browsers.
function MyObject(val) {
    this.a = val;
    this.b = 'test';

Inside constructor functions, this references the new object instance created.
var obj = new MyObject(123);

{ "a": 123, "b": "test" }
Using this, the constructor function can initialize and modify the new instance.
function example() {
    return 'a = ' + this.a + ', b = ' + this.b;

"a = undefined, b = undefined"
Inside normal functions, using this is mostly pointless (or even erroneous).
obj.toString = example;

But if the function is bound to an object property, it can be called as a method of the object.
"a = 123, b = test"
When functions are called as object methods, this is automatically bound to the object in question. This binding happens at call-time.
'str: ' + obj
"str: a = 123, b = test"
Also note that toString() is the special method used when coercing an object to a string.

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